The Catholic Single Again Council of Baltimore, MD  ( C. S. A. C. ) is an affiliate of
the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  It functions as an advocate for the needs of the
separated, divorced, and widowed Catholic men and women in the surrounding area.

Working directly with the Coordinator of Marriage and Family Enrichment, the C.S.A.C.
functions as a umbrella organization helping to coordinate programs suited to the unique needs
of the Single Again Community of the Baltimore area.

Programs, resources and web sites listing helpfull avenues which may be of
interest and benefit to you or your group, are found in throughout this site.
News and information from the Catholic Single Again Council of Baltimore, MD
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if you wish to leave a recorded teleplone message: call  410 485 8313

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Single Again Council
5537 Todd Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland
21206 - 3722
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