" You Are More Than YOU Think You Are " . . .
the annual Spring


Saturday April 28, 2012

a workshop conference for the


  DIVORCED                      BEREAVED


presented by the Catholic Single Again Council of Baltimore, Inc.

the 'Single Again Community'
    . . . in your comunity

This conference is an opportunity for everyone.

We wish to promote understanding and recovery from the loss of a relationship no longer viable.
Join us in this effort, nothing further can be lost.

In the words of Rev. James J. Young
( founder of the NACSDC )

"Come take heart, find healing, live again, love again.
. . . Maybe even more than you did before

Happy Easter
The Conference Committee is pleased to announce the Event for 2012
You may download the Conference Brochure, complete with workshop listings
and mail-in Registration Form by clicking on the link below.
  ( Requires a .pdf reader, your system probably already has one installed )
Happy St. Patricks Day to all those who
share the Irish Spirit
The location: Bon Secours Spiritual Center, Marriottsville, Maryland

The date: April 28th.

Keynote Presentor: Dr. Ann Kaiser Stearnes